Budget Kitchen Makeover Tips

Imagination is what counts when you are fitting out a kitchen economically. To make this work for you, have a clear idea of the style you want, then keep looking for things that fit it.

If you are tired of your existing units, try refurbishing them. Stick new laminates and handles on the door and drawer fronts – easy to do and much cheaper than buying whole new units – and far less trouble.

Once painted and given new handles, a hotchpotch of wooden cabinets can look really unusual. Even a narrow chest of drawers can make a useful storage place if the drawers are sectioned off so that the contents can- not get mixed up. A continuous worktop over the whole run of cabinets will harmonize them.

Tiling the work surfaces makes an attractive change from the usual laminates. Remember to use specially toughened tiles and an adhesive which is resistant to heat and water.

Shop around for space-saving ideas to use inside the cupboards. Carousel baskets and plate racks, for example, not only make the most of cupboard space but also make it easier to get at the things inside. Deep basket drawers can be used to store bulky objects or even act as vegetable racks.

An ordinary bookshelf placed on top of a chest of drawers makes an attractive dresser. If there is no room for it in the kitchen, the dresser will look equally good in a living room where it can be used to store and display such things as crockery, cutlery and glassware.

An old broom handle can be varnished or painted and fitted with decorative ends to look like a curtain pole. You can then screw it on to the wall and use it for hanging and displaying kitchen untensils. Open-plan display looks very decorative and gives the kitchen an identity of its own.

Kitchen Safety Hints

Safety is an important consideration in the kitchen. Although this is where a high proportion of accidents happen, careful planning can help prevent most of them.

Keep cupboard doors shut – somebody could get hurt walking into one.

Do not let steam pour onto electrical sockets.

Store sharp knives somewhere inaccessible to children.

A small child could cut himself on tins left in pedal bins.

Turn pan handles inwards so children cannot pull them over.

Curtains and cloths near a stove are a fire risk. Try to position the stove away from the window.

Clean up immediately anything spilt on the floor.

Trailing electrical flexes are dangerous.

Everyday foods should not be placed out of easy reach.

Do not overload sockets nor site them too close to the sink.

Put sharp utensils away after use.

Poisonous products must be stored well away from a child’s reach.

Someone could easily trip over things left on the floor.

Keep pets away from food.

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