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How to minimize radio interference

Radio interference is the result of stray magnetic fields created by various pieces of electrical equipment in the car. It is most obvious when tuning into a weak station and when you have to turn the volume up high to make the broadcast audible. The ignition circuit is the main cause of interference, followed byContinue Reading


Cutting external threads is similar in principle to cutting internal ones; however, instead of making the thread on the inside of a drilled hole, you are making it on the outside of a piece of rod or tubing. For this you use a die. held in a stock or holder. Types of die Unlike tapping,Continue Reading

How to build your own flat roof

While the most common type of house roof is pitched and covered with tiles or slates, there are other kinds of covering and you may have one on your property. The main roof can be flat rather than pitched or there may be a flat roof on a room extension, garage or other small-scale construction;Continue Reading


The restful, uncluttered look many people like in their bedroom can often be spoiled if there is not a convenient place to store toilet articles and grooming equipment. If they cannot be kept close at hand, you will have to haul them out onto a work surface each time they are needed and put themContinue Reading

How to install a damp proof course

Rising damp is indicated by a tide mark just above floor level on internal walls. It does not usually rise more than about 1 m up the wall. Its presence means either there is no damp proof course. which is common in houses built before 1875, or that an existing dpc has failed. A dpcContinue Reading


Replacing roof tiles is a job you can tackle yourself as long as you take the necessary safety precautions, since working at such a height will otherwise be hazardous. The tiles you will need for your particular roof are made of either clay or concrete and fitting is a straightforward operation. Before attempting repairs toContinue Reading

Adaptable living room furniture

If your living room is going to be a comfortable and efficient centre for family activities – as well as a place where all the members can relax or entertain friends – the furniture will have to be adaptable for a whole range of different uses. Although a smaller part of living room design thanContinue Reading


Scale formation is all too common in hard water areas and its effect on the plumbing system can be quite startling. Protective measures are therefore all important. » Hill You can tell whether you have hard or soft water by the effect it has on soap. Soft water dissolves soap readily, producing a rich lather;Continue Reading

Maintaining a Sound Roof

A sound roof keeps out water – and thus helps prevent problems caused by damp. In this article on roof repairs, we describe how to deal with the most common types of roof damage and look first at slate roofs. Roof slates deteriorate over a period of time as a result of weathering and movementContinue Reading


There are many proprietary workbenches on the market, ranging from simple, plain work surfaces to the craftsman’s bench which incorporates a variety of holding devices and storage facilities. These do, however, tend to be expensive and you may prefer to save money by making a bench yourself. Whether you buy or make a workbench, theContinue Reading