The restful, uncluttered look many people like in their bedroom can often be spoiled if there is not a convenient place to store toilet articles and grooming equipment. If they cannot be kept close at hand, you will have to haul them out onto a work surface each time they are needed and put them all away again when you have finished. You will also need a good strong light nearby, which may not work well in a sophisticated scheme. This particular design is very practical because all the odds and ends have been tucked away behind two simple, felt-covcrcd sliding doors. The laminate work surface lifts up to give extra space and the mirror is large enough to allow a full head-and-shoulder view. The useful shelves along one side accommodate small items of clothing and accessories. A round light is recessed above the counter-top and this, along with everything else, is completely hidden when you pull the runner-mounted doors across the storage area.

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