How to stencil

Cut out the stencils on a flat surface such as a board, securing them with tape or drawing pins before you begin cutting out the patterns.

If you want to stencil a group of designs, arrange the stencils in patterns until you find an arrangement that you like. Lightly chalk in the pattern to get an idea of how the finished design will look.

Mix your chosen colours with a knife, using a sheet of cardboard as a palette. Fasten the stencil to the wood with clear tape, rub off the chalk and use the stencil brush to daub paint through – or if the area of the stencil is fairly large use a spray can.

With practice, you can grade colours by lightly applying a contrasting colour over the first colour at the edges of the stencil. Wait until the paint is almost dry before painting adjacent designs or you may smudge the first ones. If you make a mistake, the paint can be removed with white spirit while it is still wet.

Wnen you have finished, clean each stencil by placing it flat on some news- |I paper and wiping both sides with a rag dampened in white spirit.

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