Painting Skirting and architraves

Start painting skirtings (baseboards) at the top edge and architraves at the edge where they meet the wall.

To brush up, or ‘cut in’ to the wall at this point, use a cutting-in tool— a specially angled brush—or a 25mm brush on its side. Avoid overloading the brush, dipping it only about 13mm into the paint. Cut in with one, continuous stroke, supporting your ‘painting’ hand with the other hand to steady it.

If walls are to be papered, extend the paintwork about 10mm up the wall above the skirting.

Paint the remaining parts of skirtings and architraves with a wider brush—50mm or 75mm—following the grain of the wood.


The paintwork on wooden windows must be kept in good condition if the frames are to be prevented from rotting. You should therefore take the opportunity of painting the top and under edges of any opening frame at the same time as the visible ones.

Remove any window fittings such as sash fasteners and make sure that the surface is clean and sound. Clean the glass, to prevent any dust or dirt on it from falling on to the wet paint.

To keep paint off the glass, you can if you wish mask up each pane. This is best done with an aluminium or plastic paint shield —obtainable from do-it-yourself shops— or masking tape. If paint still penetrates on to the glass, wait until it is dry then scrape it off with a paint scraper or a sharp knife.

Casement windows, like panel doors, should be painted in a strict sequence. Paint in the direction of the grain and use a cutting-in tool, or narrow brush on its side, to cut in where the paint meets the wall and the window pane.

To paint a double-hung window, begin by pulling the bottom sash up and the top sash down to expose the meeting rail. When the bottom parts of the top sash have been painted, almost close the window then paint the remaining areas. Finish off in the order shown for casement windows.

For safety at each stage of painting, fix the sashes in position with a small wooden wedge. Wait until the paint is quite dry before closing the window or it may stick fast.

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