Papering around a ceiling rose

Before pasting paper around a ceiling rose, switch off the electricity at the mains and remove the bulb and the light fitting. Paper the ceiling in the usual way – starting parallel to the main window and working across the ceiling – releasing the concertina-folded lengths of paper and brushing them in place.

When the ceiling rose is reached mark its position by pushing the point of a pair of scissors through the paper. With the paper supported away from the ceiling. Make a rough star-shaped cut, starting with one cut running in the direction in which the paper is being laid, and finishing with a cut at right angles to the first. Reposition the paper on the ceiling, feeding the flex and bulb-holder through the paper, and brush it in place.

If the rose cannot be unscrewed and the paper tucked behind it. Score round the edge with the scissors and trim away the excess paper, using a trimming knife if a closer cut is required. Clean off any excess paste.

Hanging lining paper before wallpapering

When lining walls prior to wallpapering. Hang lining paper horizontally. This provides a better key to hanging the wallpaper and avoids any possibility of fitting one butt joint over another, which makes the disguising of the joint very difficult.

Concealing the joins when papering’ ceilings

Where the width of a room makes it economical, hang ceiling paper parallel to the main window. Working away from it. This will make butt joints less visible.

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