Pasting sheets of wallpaper

The correct way to paste wallpaper is to work from the centre of the paper outwards. Align the top of the length of paper to be pasted with one end of the pasting table, allowing one side of the paper to overhang the back edge of the table. Spread paste down the centre of the paper and then. Working outwards from the centre, along the back edge. Reposition the paper so that there is a slight overhang at the front of the table and again brush from the centre. Always work facing the light to make it easier to check for unpasted patches.

Folding pasted ceiling paper

When pasting long lengths of ceiling paper, paste the first length and then fold the first 60cm 2ft in half, pasted sides together. Then fold the next two feet of paper concertina-fashion, doubling the pasted paper over on to itself. Make a further concertina fold. Then move the folded paper to one end of the pasting table. Paste the remainder and. If necessary, make further folds. Fold the last 60cm 2ft over on itself.

When papering, brush this 60cm 2ft length into place first. Then gradually unfold and brush the concertina of paper into place.

Folding sheets of pasted wallpaper

If a sheet of wallpaper is too long for a pasting table, paste about a third of the sheet first. Then fold this in two with the pasted sides together, making sure that the edges of the folded paper are aligned with each other. Move the folded paper to the end of the table and paste the remainder of the length. Fold this to within 75mm 3 in of the piece that has been previously folded.

To carry the paper to the wall. Rest it over an arm. Making sure that the top end of the paper faces downwards. Paste this end against the wall first.

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