Repairing damaged or scuffed wallpaper

To repair a damaged area of wallpaper, first lay a matching piece of wallpaper over the damaged area. Cut through both the new and the old piece of paper with a trimming knife. Remove the damaged section and stick the new paper in its place.

Removing bubbles in dried-out wallpaper

Remove an air bubble from behind dried-out wallpaper by making a vertical and horizontal cut with a trimming knife across the bubble, making sure that the cuts stretch slightly beyond the bubble’s extremes. Fold back the corners of the cuts and repaste the paper. Allow a few minutes for the paste to soak the paper, and then press the flaps back into position, using a firm pressure and wiping off any excess paste squeezed from them with a sponge.

Hanging bold-patterned wallpaper

The chimney breast is the focal point of the room. Thus, when papering a chimney breast above a fireplace with a bold-patterned paper, always position the first length of the paper centrally.

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