Wallpapering around a light switch

Hold the length of paper in position before pasting and press it lightly over the switch button. Where a small hole should be made with a sharp trimming knife. Lay the paper flat and make four diagonal cuts extending from the centre of the hole to just beyond the corners of the light switch. Paste the paper and let it soak.

Switch the electricity off at the mains. Loosen the screws holding the switch and gently pull the switch plate forward away from its socket. Hang the paper on the wall, easing the loose switch plate through the four diagonal cuts. Turn back the edge of each and trim the paper with scissors to leave a square hole that just overlaps the switch socket. Refit the switch plate, carefully butting together the four cut marks.

Matching Patterned wallpaper

Simplify the task of matching large patterns of wallpaper by using alternate lengths of paper from two rolls. This eliminates the excessive wastage that can otherwise occur when trying to get an exact match for the pattern using only one roll.

Estimating patterned wallpaper needs

When calculating the amount of wallpaper needed, allow at least 600mm 2ft for wastage on each roll of large patterned paper. This will compensate for the waste in matching large patterns.

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